Consignment & Trial Info



We offer a 5-day trial period where the saddle can be taken home and assessed on whether or not it will fit horse and rider. 

Returned saddles: For the buyer to receive a refund, saddles MUST be returned before the 5-day trial period is over (or for online orders, we must be notified and saddles must be in the mail to be shipped back to us before the end of the 5-day trial period) and with no scuffs or marks. Any accessories that come with the saddle must be returned as well. All returned saddles will be subject to a $25 restocking fee.

If the saddle is returned damaged, there will be a minimum charge of 5% of the sale price of the saddle. The final damages charge will be dependent on the condition of the saddle returned. If the saddle is unusable it will not be accepted for the return.



We currently accept used saddles with no structural damage and in good, clean condition, with a value of $300 or more. Any other tack we accept must be related to the saddle and included as part of a package deal (ie. bridles, stirrups and leathers, girths, etc.). 

Dry rotted leather/strap goods and dangerous tack will not be accepted.

Colorado Tack & Supply Company collects a 30% commission fee on consignment items paid out by store credit, and a 35% commission fee on consignment items paid out by check.

At this time, we only accept consignment saddles locally.

For more information, please give us a call at (303) 280-4721.